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MARTHA’S STORY….. 7 months pregnant, diagnosis- breast cancer

Martha Melching 

October 4 at 7:40 PM · 

First of all I want to thank everyone for their kindness over the last week. We have been shown so much love and support and I don’t have the words to adequately explain how much it has meant to us. Today was my first visit with the oncologist. We learned that the cancer is an aggressive cancer and will require immediate treatment. I will go on Wednesday, the 10th, for a lumpectomy. Then, after I have had a couple of weeks to recover, we will begin chemotherapy. The plan is to have 4 doses over an 8 week period. That will lead up to time for delivery for our little man. The type of chemo I will take in the next couple of months is safe for him, so that’s where we start. After delivery, I will have a different kind of chemo. The plan for now is to finish all chemo before we move on to more surgeries. I have a wonderful team of doctors that are committed to caring for me and my sweet baby. They have all assured me that they think we can beat this and have a healthy baby; we just have to put up a good fight. Your prayers and support mean the world to us and will help us make it through this.